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Watchmen 2 A Prequel? : Movie News

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Without doubt, one of the most surprising and original flicks of 2009 was Zack Snyder’s (300) visually orgasmic adaptation of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons cult comic book Watchmen.

Part of it’s appeal was that it broke all of the rules of a big budget, studio backed superhero movie. The idea that (much like the comic book itself) that Watchmen was a self contained story that couldn’t be tainted by Batman & Robin league sequels was also part of it’s charm.

Watchmen was, for all intents and purposes, a good old “F**k You” to the studio big wigs who believe that folks just want the occasional expolosion and Jessica Alba in spandex (which… well… we do… but I digress).

Watchmen 2 : Cruise Control?

Watchmen 2 : Cruise Control?

However, Bleeding Cool have uncovered some Watchmen 2 news that will make you both giddy with excitement and pessimistically cringe… it seems a sequel (which DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz had “personally prevented” for quite some time as he “believed… it would be against Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ wishes, it would cause a very bad feeling in the creative community and would be a creatively bankrupt move”) is on it’s way.

In book form anyway.

However, with recent news of Levitz stepping down – “the times they are a-changin”. Dan DiDio, SVP-Executive Editor, is “determined to impress new bosses by building on DC’s biggest selling comic book of all time” with “multiple prequel comic miniseries” and “spin-off projects” on his agenda with the franchise.

It is believed that “Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have to be offered first refusal before any of these titles could be published”, but as usual there are loopholes, and “if they don’t want to work on them themselves, DiDio has been sounding out people who might be willing to take on the task”.

In contrast, “Levitz [did] not allow any new Watchmen stories… even the video game was restricted to material in the graphic novel and film, nothing brand new was allowed to be invented”. However, money talks and Fox still have the Watchmen sequel clause in their contract.

In an interview with Moviehole last year, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays the comedian) revealed that the entire cast “are… signed for sequels” but conceded that for that to happen “There’d be no Rorschach, there’d be no Comedian – it’d be sorta useless. It’d have to be a prequel. But I’d say unless Alan Moore says he’s gonna write something, we’ll never see Watchmen 2“.

Morgan went onto say that “It’s like the 300 sequel they’re talking about – how do you do that? I guess they can do a prequel – but it makes no sense. Zack [Snyder]… won’t want any part of it. I think this is it; what you see, is what you get. It was always a oner for me”.

Whether fan boys love it or not, they will still fork out cash to see a sequel – and this is show BUSINESS after all – so I would be very surprised if the book doesn’t get the green light very soon, with the film adaptation not far behind. With or WITHOUT the original creative cast and crew on board.

Hollywood, you’ve done it again!

Until then, revisit Watchmen on Blu-Ray (it’s one of the most amazing flicks to watch in HD at the moment) and then check out my interview, below, from last year with the super hot Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre II)…

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