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Tomorrow When The War Began Biggest Film Of 2010 : Movie News

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It’s not often we hear about Australian movies, let along hearing about how well they are doing. Yet the film adaptation of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began is managing to prove that Australians are actually willing to see actual Australian films.

Despite some pretty damn cheesy dialogue, some of the most wooden acting you’re ever likely to come across (what was with Chris Pang? Was he possessed by a robot?) Tomorrow When The War Began has officially claimed the title of “Highest Grossing Australian film of 2010”.

Tomorrow When The War Began

Tomorrow When The War Began

After just two weeks, the Stuart Beattie directed epic (which cost a reported $25M – $35M to make) has taken more than AUD$7.7 Million at the Australian Box Office (despite dropping a worrying 45% of it’s first week takings in Week #2) and an additional $NZ840,000 in… that other country.

The numbers easily beat out Bran Nue Dae‘s AUD$7.6M full run earlier in the year (the Indigenous Aussie musical also took in $US28,558 in it’s first week of release in America) and the woeful performances of I Love You Too (Just over AUD$2.5M), Beneath Hill 60 (around the AUD$3.5M mark) and The Wog Boy 2 (which somehow managed to pull in over AUD$4M).

“We are looking forward to a successful school holiday period and hope that the film will move on to a much bigger box office and will help pave the way for the sequels that we would all love to see” said Paramount’s Mike Selwyn.

The aforementioned sequels & TV series to Tomorrow When The War Began (which Stuart Beattie revealed to us here) are even more likely of becoming a reality after Christopher Mapp revealed that “the film was hotly pursued by distributors at the Toronto [Film Festival]” and that he would be “announcing details of international sales soon”.

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