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Sammy J and Randy – Ricketts Lane : Comedy Reviews

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Think of your favourite duos: Abbott and Costello. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Doris Day and Allyn McLerie in Calamity Jane. That last one is surprisingly accurate to Ricketts Lane, actually. Now, the Australian (and, indeed, international: go, boys!) comedy circuit hugs a new bickering, boisterous but ultimately bewitching twosome to its collective bosom: a madcap puppet…and Randy. Ha! Sorry, that joke was just too easy to make. I love you, Sammy J, really.

Sammy J & Randy

Sammy J & Randy

Sammy and Randy are housemates and best friends in their Ricketts Lane, Glen Iris abode, which is more or less the setting of this speedy, zany musical comedy show. Don’t let the ‘musical’ there get you down; those who are aware of Sammy J’s reputation thus far will know his dexterous fingering (on the piano, ahem) is fun, fun, fun and far more accomplished than most.

I’ll give you the rundown of the show, but only if you promise to go see it, okay? The girl next to me was crying with laughter and I myself barely had time to pause before killer line after line swamped me. In a good way.

Anyway, Sammy is a taxation lawyer and Randy is embroiled in a dodgy invoice scam. Sammy must choose: rat out his best mate for a fat paycheck and a sweet promotion, or save his beloved purple crony from certain dropped-soap doom? It all plays out in a tumult of gender-bending ‘pole activity’, Barack Obama cookbook recipes, gloriously cheesy 50s-style harmonising, the tests of friendship and one sick muppet. And Randy. Jokes!

Randy, especially, is an anomaly in the MICF; he has more human characteristics and personality than one might expect in a purple, hairless puppet. Heath McIvor, of course, is the heart and soul of Randy and he and Sammy work up some killer chemistry, and some hilariously ear-wormy songs. In a good way, of course; my tram ride home was like a scene from Paint Your Wagon.

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