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Minesweeper – The Movie : Viral Videos

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Ever wondered what the worlds most famous computer game to be born out of sheer procrastination, Minesweeper, would look like in real life?

We already know what a FaceBook movie looks like : The Social Network.

This is a common question that most people in their life begrudgingly ask themselves from time to time, much to their immense embarrassment and curiosity at how they could have become so bored.

Minesweeper - Not so fun in real-life

Minesweeper - Not so fun in real-life

Fear not, however, because the geniuses over at have also pondered this conundrum, and laboured intesively to bring you what is known as Minesweeper : The Movie.

Watch Out For

Overall, some hillarious observations on the game itself, and how it’s subtle complextities transfer to real life – one where we cannot simply click on a minature yellow face to start again.

The Viral Video

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