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Halo Movies To Be A Tolkien Trilogy : Exclusive Movie News

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Stuart Beattie, writer of such Hollywood hits as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, 30 Days of Night and Australia, is currently in town to spruik his first directorial effort in the big budget book adaptation of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the Aussie-turned-Hollywood writer (he also had a hand in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – but the less said about that the better), and while he was rightfully enthusiastic about his new Aussie epic [Watch the Trailer for it Here] – Beattie was even more excited about another fanboy project he has on the boil… a big screen version of the XBox game Halo.

Not just one movie – but a trilogy.

Halo : A Trilogy of Movies?

Halo : A Trilogy of Movies?

The question is – will his Halo script ever see the light of day?

“I wrote a script for Halo – but it’s all up to Microsoft because they own the property, and you know, they don’t need a movie to be made” Beattie admitted.

“It’s Microsoft, they own the world anyway, why would they need to risk one of their prize products on a movie of all things?” he joked.

“[The problem is] You can’t make Halo for $25M. I mean, it’s aliens and spaceships and different worlds and planets – futuristic settings” Beattie (a self confessed gaming fanboy) said. “Halo is the game that started it all for me and my gaming, I’ve broken several Xbox’s with Halo“.

“To me it’s like Tolkien. It’s as rich and and as vast [with the number of characters and everything], it’s a story about the fate of mankind against this genocidal covenant of alien races – and the one person who can save us is this tiny kid who everyone hates and beats up at school. I mean, that stuff is just great story material”.

“Beyond all that, there are just some incredible visuals, it’s just crying out to be a film. It’d be three movies … like Lord of the Rings, it should be three 2 1/2 – 3 hour long movies that [are] just a great, big, sci-fi epic saga” Beattie revealed.

I don’t know about you – but they’re the Halo movies I want to see. And if Stuart Beattie’s already got it written, it seems all he needs is for Tomorrow When The War Began to hit big. Let’s make it happen people!

Read My full interview with Stuart Beattie here, while my chat with Tomorrow When The War Began cast members Rachel Hurd-Wood and Deniz Akdeniz will go up in the next few days…

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