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Danny McBride and Rhys Darby to Replace Steve Carell in The Office : Comedy News

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Comedy fans around the world were crushed after Steve Carell announced that he would not be returning to the high rating American version of The Office [Read the Full Story Here] once his contract ran out.

It was simply one in a string of TV announcements that also saw 30 Rock high flyer Alec Baldwin calling it quits [Read About That Here] and Entourage also calling it a day [More On That Here].

However, hope may be restored to the mundane world of The Office with news that at least one of two of comedies most under-used stars may be joining the team – Danny McBride and Rhys Darby.

Rhys Darby to replace Steve Carell in The Office

Rhys Darby to replace Steve Carell in The Office

A short list of Carell replacements was revealed last week which included names like Ricky Gervais as David Brent (it’ll never happen but would be amazing), Kathy Bates (one season was more than enough of her), Amy Ryan, Rainn Wilson (would be the worst idea the shows writers could make), Michael Emerson, Craig Robinson and David Cross.

All are simply “names” being thrown around – however according to EW, McBride and Darby are two names which are are the top of the list… and I’ve gotta say, it’s perhaps the most brilliant casting move a flailing TV Comedy could ever make.

While McBride is busy putting together Series 2 of Eastbound & Down – Darby has plenty of free time on his hands now that Flight of the Conchords is dead and buried and seems (to me at least) the perfect replacement (and breath of fresh air) The Office needs. We’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s announced.

Don’t believe us that Darby (aka “Ginger Balls”) would be the perfect replacement? Check out some of his best work…

However, no matter how magnificent a replacement Rhys Darby would be to Steve Carell’s bumbling boss – neither will ever live up to the sheer perfection of the man who started it all… the one and only… David Brent!

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