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Ben Kweller – Go Fly A Kite : Music News

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Here’s a shout out to all those Ben Kweller fans who are eagerly awaiting his fifth album…

In a recent interview with WatchOutFor | Music to promote his upcomming Australian tour, Kweller released a few important details about the new album, and when it will be out:

“It’ll probably come out March or April in 2011…I’m really excited about!”

“Pretty much all the music is done. I have a few guitar solos to lay down. Umm, maybe three lead vocals to sing and then mix it. So we’re almost in the home stretch – almost mixing.”

Kweller also spoke of the overall feel of the record, likening it to a mixture of some earlier material:

“Well it’s called Go Fly A Kite, which I guess is an alternate way of saying ‘Go Fuck Yourself’. It kind of deals with some darker situations, you know, friendships gone awry, or love or dealing with any people kind of holding you down.”

“I’m excited. It’s a lot of upbeat music. A lot of electric guitar, piano’s. There is some folky stuff too, but throughout it’s pretty much a rock ‘n’ roll and pop record…It’s a pretty big production but it’s very real and it’s kind of got my signature, stripped down vibe to it I guesss – if I have such a signature vibe! [Laughs]”

Whatever he’s putting on the record this time around, it’s safe to say that most ardent fans are not the least bit worried about which direction he goes!

Ben Kweller is touring in early October, and we have tickets to give away, so head on over to the Giveaways section [click here] to check out details on how to enter.

Stay tuned for more Kweller info, including the full interview. Check out Ben Kweller tour dates HERE…

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