Friday, July 29, 2016

360 – Falling & Flying: Cam’s Review Corner

It’s a sad thing that so many people turn their noses up at any mention of Aussie hip hop. Local acts like Melburnian 360 (known to his mum as Matt Colwell) are producing work to rival the best stuff from overseas. And if you’re not one who normally associates with this often misunderstood genre, consider this Mr 360 an adequate introduction.

360 - falling and flying

360’s second album, Falling & Flying, not only showcases his silky rhyming skills, it’s also an impressive pop/electro album, including collaborations with Josh Pyke, Gossling and N’Fa. It’s a raw, honest piece of work that wears its authenticity all the louder for being delivered in 360’s down-home Aussie intonation.

If you feel like doing something bold and brash with your next album purchase, then perhaps 360‘s Falling & Flying is for you.

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